Spraining mouth fear

How dare you blog at a time like this. Have you any idea what italicized rage I go through when I see you tab open a new browser window? This world isn’t turning because of inertia, blood. It spins because of science. And science isn’t going to put any italicized food on the table. Give me your hat, I’m going to wash it. In the washing machine. Inertia is almost an anagram for Internet. Anagram is a perfect anagram for magnara. Combine any word with perfect and you’ll start to smell like primer:

  • Perfect Salad
  • Perfect Science
  • Perfect Shaman
  • Perforated Strobe Sex

… and so on. But if you try to open the mysterious freize by the tree’s roots, you’ll see, it [AH, FUCK, SOMEONEĀ  SAID SOMETHING NICE TO ME AND NOW I CAN’T GO ON