iPhone Post.

Computed too hard so I can’t sleep. Writing this on my phone in bed. Near-wife just spasmed in sleep. Easy to read verse and half consciously cop its style. Been happening with Shakespeare only as a joke. Picked up FOLDING RULER STAR on Jawbone’s recommendation. He said it made him laugh. I’d been reading about PHP. I set up PHP on my laptop, which is running OSX 10.5.8. I had to use Terminal. Felt cool. Then gratified and charmed by an appearance of Telnet in FOLDING RULER STAR. I wondered what exactly made Jawbone laugh. My best guess: “I am always / happy because I / eat at Schneider’s Grill.”

Thinking of teaching myself some contemporary web skills and moving this site over to weirder pastures. Neff dot edu dot com. Felt butter dot org. Interactive PHP sex poem. Interactive blowsy theme, free paywall. A fortress of fake paywalls enclosing a small anti-racist message. Authoritative recipes. Vegan opera dog training tips. SEO OPTIMIZED$$$$$$ATIONSS$$$$x