They handed out ‘x‘ logo t-shirts to the crowd, to thank them for coming to see them even though they were “competing with Chipmunk and Lethal Bizzle“.[11]


A few days after A.B. introduced me to The xx, I read good old SF/J‘s fun column about them in the New Yorker.

I like the way SFJ goes back on himself in the piece — “I dismissed them, I was wrong, here’s why” [MISLEADING TO HAVE PARAPHRASE IN QUOTES?–Ed.] Maybe “not enough” music criticism accounts with such narrative grace for this “grower” effect of music that rewards multiple listens, or that changes dramatically when you’re hearing it live, etc.

Actually though this is all just a pointless preamble to a joke I have now destroyed through belabour.

In his column, Frere-Jones asks:

Who hasn’t used sex to mask an argument?

The question is meant rhetorically, but I am forced to answer literally: Northrop Frye, the eminent Canadian literary critic and theorist, never used sex to mask an argument. Ever.