Tuesday Roundup

Lotsa great links posted to the web around eight forty-five last night.

  1. Derrick Prine on “Doogie Howser and the Problems of Genre” [Ninth Estate]
  2. Penelope Popples: “How Hating Myself Led Me to My Dream Job in California” [NYT]
  3. Frank Gally on journalism’s “nude enemies and chubby reliquaries” [Homely Carthage]
  4. “But you guys are you seeing in fact the way in which the the problem is, I can’t. I’m not. I’m a timesaver, a lifesaver, a fireshaper[…] Though I’ve changed the name of my boyfriend in this piece, nothing about him has changed. He hasn’t changed a whit. He hasn’t changed nearly so much as insofar [sic] Whit Stillman. I’m the Penelope Cruz of the jilted loin. Do they make Bard College MFA in Writing flavoured potato crisps? I would eat a whole bag right now.” Righteous, deeply affecting new work from Caren Pomnsipsnist-Carlyle in The Proudfather
  5. Charles Kor on “the New British Affect” [College]
  6. Wylie Brott has been on fire this year: after last month’s excoriating takedown of the new Napa C. record, he returns with a 12,000-word brutalization of the concept of “chi” [Famerist]
  7. Capadonna blood donald whispers whippets into whip-smart willoughby frames [Paid advertisement from Warby Parker. Thanks for supporting this site!]
  8. AMAZING new podcast: Hate Speech
  9. AMAZING new instagram account: Lynda Folds
  10. AMAZING new product for men: Beatles Shampoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo